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Happy hour!
Holding your selection for

Step 1: How many bottles?

Choose the perfect box for you. Keep in mind that everyone loves wine, so having extra is always a good idea. You can always adjust your order at any time.

  • More is less. When you buy in bulk, you’ll save per bottle. We use standard flat rate shipping, so plan ahead and save.
  • We take pride in putting together each box. And we make sure that every bottle tastes terrific and meets our unique winemaking standards.

Step 1: How many bottles?

Step 2: What kind of wine?

Red, white, or mixed — build the box you want. We celebrate both popular and unknown varietals, so you’ll always have something new and delicious to look forward to.

  • We only ship sugar-free wine made with minimal sulfites, about ⅔ less than most industrial wines.
  • Our curated selection changes monthly. Clean wine isn’t just healthier, it’s also more interesting.

Step 2: What kind of wine?

Step 3: How often?

Wine with dinner or wine for the weekend? Sometimes wine goes a long way and sometimes it goes down fast. You set the pace, and you can pause, re-order, or cancel any time.

  • We source wines from small and independent wineries. Because supply is limited, our wine list is always changing.
  • We don’t charge membership fees, and changing your order frequency only takes a minute.

Step 2: What kind of wine?

What you get.

Our favorite hand-picked wines, delivered to your door. Every box of Good Weather is different, but always sugar-free, additive-free, and organic, natural or sustainably farmed.

How it works.

To get your wine, a signature (21+) is required. We suggest an address where someone will be available to sign.

We charge a shipping rate of $15, no matter how many bottles you choose. You can adjust the order at any time.

In each box, we’ll send you a selection of our favorite clean wines. You choose what kind (red, white, or mixed), how many bottles, and how often you’d like your delivery.

It’s time to stop playing roulette with your wine. We’ve tasted thousands of wines and we only share the best ones with you, delicious clean wine hand- made at small wineries.

Our promises.

100% good vibes guaranteed. Not totally satisfied? We’ll make it right, just let us know.

Wine should be a party, not a problem. You can stop or pause your membership at any time.


Natural wines are made with the least intervention possible. From vineyard, to vines, to grapes, to wine—this means organic methods, avoiding pesticides, and using indigineous yeasts. While specific growing methods can differ, all natural winemakers have the same vision: If you love your vines, and avoid manipulation, the grapes will make richer, more complex, and better tasting wine.

Unlike industrial wines — most wines in the grocery store — natural wines are distinct, with vibrant and fresh flavors, terrific balance, and lots of character. However, because clean wines aren’t chalk full of additives and sulfites, they can continue to ferment in the bottle (it’s living wine), which can taste a bit effervescent in some cases.

Sugar in wine comes from sugar in grapes. As wine ferments, the yeast consumes the sugar, eventually making the wine sugar-free. Because industrial winemakers don’t like to wait, they use sulfites to kill off the yeast early, which leaves residual sugar in the wine. Many winemakers even add extra sugar at the end, because Americans love sweet wine. Natural wines always let native yeasts take their time to consume as much of the sugar as possible, resulting in a sugar-free wine.

We source wines from small vineyards and wineries, from all over the world. These vineyards are soil-rich with healthy bacteria, a biodynamic ecosystem, and beautiful terroir. We look for clean and refreshing natural wines with strong character that actually taste delicious.

Most US wineries, close to 80%, are considered small or very small. But most wines at the grocery store are from large wineries, about 1% of the US market. Small, artisanal wineries have more control over the winemaking process resulting in better wine with fresh and delicious ingredients — as well as no additives and very few sulfites.

After you set up your account, you can choose between monthly, every other month, or every third month deliveries. And you can change your shipping frequency whenever you need to. You can also make a one-time purchase, too.